Compartimos oferta empleo para web designer Developer en Barcelona. Buscan un perfil con idioma inglés, por lo que publicamos el texto original que nos han solicitado.

We are looking for a  to join our multinational team in Barcelona.
Your work will implicate implementing the GlobalLink OneLink product (link to OL video:
https://vimeo.com/128170991), adapting third party code (including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and many other JS frameworks) to make localized websites work smoothly and user friendly as the origin web site is.
The ideal Web Engineer for OneLink is a responsible person with a lot of curiosity, a very good sense of time and creativity to resolve different problems which are not common in the standard development work. He/She is a person willing to work client facing and, he/she will not fear any globalization challenges that could arise.
If you are wishing to work on an international and multicultural team, with Linux technology and want to learn about multinational website planning this is the place to be.

Advanced understanding in:
o JavaScript
o Document Object Model (DOM)
o Command line interfaces (CLI)
Proficiency in English

Experience with:
o Bash scripting
o PHP/Perl/Python
o Linux Fedora/CentOS/RHEL
o Apache
o CAT tools (any)
o Translation Memory software
Any other programming language will be considered a plus
Any other spoken languages will be considered a plus

Translations.com is a world leader in website localization, software localization, GMS (Globalization Management System) software products, and enterprise-level, professional translation services. Our translation solutions allow a diverse array of clients to deliver local language products, services, applications, training, and content in a culturally appropriate manner.
We were founded on the principle that great service is, and always will be, a key differentiator in the localization industry. Our dedication to client satisfaction is what we consider to be our most valuable asset. From President to Project Manager, we believe that making our clients’ lives easier and delivering language services that exceed expectations allows us to develop and maintain strong client relationships, and hence to grow our business.

Mariano Sanz
[email protected]
93 176 24 36 (11 h – 17 h)


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